London Gates is a supplementary education centre that is accredited by the EDEXCEL British examination board (Centre No. 09370). This entitles us to prepare students and host examinations for the British advanced school leaving certificate (A-levels) needed to get into the best universities in the world. The first centre was opened in 2010. It currently has over 300 students and its graduates are now studying in some of the best universities and colleges in the UK including: UCL, Imperial College, King’s College, Durham, Surrey, Exeter and Manchester, as well as universities in the USA, Germany, Holland and Belgium.

Our centres are located in the very hearts of cities. Each lecture hall has been designed to represent one of the great British universities and fully equipped with AV technology. The students sit around a shared round table. We greatly value the atmosphere of friendliness and mutual trust between our students and teachers, and make a special effort to ensure that our students' academic, creative and personal development takes place in friendly and comfortable surroundings.